Monique Picard

Monique Picard

Monique Picard
Office Manager, Case Manager and Legal Assistant

I graduated from the Law Clerk Program from La Cité collégiale in 1996. I have over 15 years of experience as a legal assistant. At first, I worked in various legal fields but soon discovered my true passion for family law. I have been working hand in hand with Ms. Julie Audet since 2000, first as her legal assistant and then as her office manager through the inception of her own family law practice. I assisted Julie Audet with the creation of Julie Audet Family Law, Family Law in a Box (both the Online Information Center and the Professional Center) as well as Alt Divorce.

As Alt Divorce – Audet Professional Corporation’s Office Manager, I makes sure that the center runs smoothly, and takes care of our human resources, technology and office management needs. I also take care of the vast majority of the office’s clients as the office’s Case Manager.

Despite my busy workload, I continue to take care of Julie’s family law clients, as her legal assistant.

I am always available to listen and to answer all of your questions, in both English and French. My personal mission is to make sure that all clients are well cared for and that their legal needs are being met. I believe that everyone deserves excellent legal support allowing them to separate with dignity.

Every client matters. Experience the difference.