Offering Safe, Respectful, Cooperative And Effective Settlement  

Collaborative family law is a process whereby individuals separating agree to settle all matters arising from their separation without going to court, and by working in a team with various professionals. To be able to practice collaborative family law, the professionals and lawyers for each party must have completed specialized collaborative family law training. Many of our lawyers are accredited collaborative professionals.

The Collaborative Family Law Process Is A Team Approach

Collaborative Family Law is a cooperative negotiation process whereby separating spouses settle all matters arising from their separation outside of court. The parties are assisted throughout this process by their own specially trained collaborative family lawyer, with the option to integrate financial and family relations professionals into the team, as needed. All professionals must be collaboratively trained to participate in the process.

The collaborative professionals assist the parties in creating a safe, respectful, cooperative and effective process to discuss family law matters. Like mediation, you are in control of the process and the lawyers offer legal advice and coaching to their respective clients. The discussions take place during the meetings between the spouses who drive the process. Our coaching involves educating the client of the different matters to be addressed and also listening to the client's goals and needs.

One thing that makes this process very unique is that to participate, the spouses and their lawyers must sign an agreement by which they agree that all matters will be settled outside of court. This encourages frank and open discussions between the parties and the collaborative professionals. In the event that one client wishes to withdraw from the collaborative process, both parties will have to retain new lawyers if they wish to go to court.

Once the spouses have reached consensus on all matters arising from their separation, one of the lawyers will prepare a draft Separation Agreement.

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