Divorce With Dignity And Respect  

Alt Divorce facilitates family settlements while ensuring the process is based on respect and dignity. Our team of family professionals has diverse knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to offer families real practical solutions to resolve their family matters, including:

  • Choosing the process that best suits their needs
  • Deciding on parenting matters such as custody, access and child support
  • Determining the spouses' support obligations
  • Dividing their family property including assets and debts
  • Confirming legal obligations with respect to special assets like pension plans, work benefits and life insurance

Our role in this process is to help families come to agreements and to empower them with knowledge, tools and support during their separation. Once a settlement is reached, you can obtain a divorce.

The Divorce Order Is The Last Step

Many individuals think that getting a divorce is the first and only step in the separation process. On the contrary, it is usually the last step. It is only when you have reached a final settlement of all matters with your spouse, the terms of which are usually confirmed in a separation agreement or a court order, that you should consider obtaining a divorce. The divorce simply means that you are no longer married and that you can re-marry if you wish.

Our family lawyers can help you obtain a divorce order.

Team Of Professionals Navigating You Through The Process

Schedule an appointment with a case manager today for an assessment that is tailored to the needs of your family. You can reach us at one of our four locations in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario regions. For your convenience, we can also be contacted via email or call us at 613-699-7774.

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