Nathalie Picard Professional Corporation

Nathalie Picard is an experienced family lawyer, accredited mediator and collaborative practitioner. She co-founded Alt Divorce with Julie Audet as they wanted families to have better options and support during their separation and divorce.

Alt Divorce is a full-service family law firm which serves clients in a unique way. One of these unique services "the Alt Divorce Way" which is an enhanced mediation model that does not require you to go to court. It is a process where a team of professionals not just lawyers, takes care of all the members of the family to help them move forward with their legal and non-legal matters.

Based on her past personal and professional experience, Nathalie decided that she wanted to help families go through a separation with dignity and respect, in a cost-effective way and reduce the pain involved in the process. She did so by co-creating Alt Divorce which offers outstanding client-centered services as well as a wide-variety of tools, information and support.

Nathalie believes that most divorces are 80% emotional and 20% legal.

Nathalie is the owner of Nathalie Picard Professional Corporation, which offers services at two different locations – Ottawa East and Nepean/Auriga as listed below.

The team of family professionals at Nathalie Picard Professional Corporation is as follows:

Contact Nathalie And Her Team

To meet one of our family professionals, please call 613-699-7774 or you can also complete the online contact form. Nathalie Picard offers services at two locations, one at Ottawa East and the other at Nepean/Auriga in eastern Ontario.

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