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Is mediation the reason behind some divorce selfies?

Yes, the title really does say, "divorce selfies." It's a relatively recent phenomenon: newly divorced couples in Ontario and abroad are taking and posting selfies right after signing the papers. Some of the pictures are going viral, and the trend has caught the attention of the media. So, why are some people smiling through their divorce, while other spouses can barely stand to look at each other? Maybe the social media couples took advantage of mediation, or another non-confrontational divorce option.

Nobody wants to feel anger, confusion or stress, but they're difficult to avoid during a divorce. It may be possible to minimize those feelings, however, by avoiding litigation and working in a more collaborative manner. This is a healthy approach to divorce not just for men and women, but also for their children, as a study seems to indicate.

In 2008, researcher at Ohio State University conducted a study of children with divorced parents. Kids whose parents had a combative divorce were more than twice as likely to experience poverty and difficulty attaining post-secondary education, as were the kids with parents that split on better terms. Those who work in the field believe that children need support and reassurance from both their parents, and to live in a stable environment during and after a divorce. 

Being a parent means having obligations that do not end just because the relationship with the other parent did. Having a non-litigated divorce may be the ideal way to begin a life of co-parenting in harmony. Any man or woman interested in mediation, or another alternative to a "traditional" divorce, may want to contact a lawyer who practices family law in Ontario.

Source: Global News, "Here's what "divorce selfies" are teaching us about amicable break-ups, co-parenting", Dani-Elle Dube, June 6, 2017

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