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True predictors of Ontario separation and divorce remain elusive

Experts insist that key predictors of divorce do, in fact, exist even though there is evidence that marriages dissolve for myriad reasons. Indeed, many Ontario marriages endure a lifetime, defying statistics based exclusively on behaviour identified as not constructive. The level and intensity of commitment and communication as well as basic character come into play in every one-on-one relationship. When separation and divorce are contemplated, these less measurable elements as well as behaviour will play crucial roles in how the path forward taps out.

A social psychology institute which has conducted extensive research into the causes of divorce has identified contempt, criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling as behavioral choices that may be primordial markers of potential divorce. These researchers claim that these demonstrate disengagement from pursuing resolution to marital problems. However, such markers fail to account for how profound an undertaking marriage is, for one or both spouses.

A strong contrast is the choice to live common-law rather than to marry formally. Common-law relationships may have developed partly because the traditional sanctity of marriage was perceived as too great a responsibility. Even the decision to separate, allowing for sober, second thought, is a way for a married couple to forestall the finality of a formal divorce.

Separation and divorce are social and legal choices as well as intensely personal journeys. Moving toward the dissolution of a marriage is never easy, imbued with the gravity of law. Such a momentous decision which may irrevocably alter, not just one's own life but that of others, especially if children are involved, will benefit from the experience and insights of an Ontario family law practitioner.

Source:, "This Marital Behavior Is Not Only Annoying, It's A Sign You Might Divorce", Brittany Wong, Sept. 21, 2017

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