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The ins and outs of family law mediation for divorce

When you and your spouse decide to separate, there may be concerns you have about various issues pertaining to certain things like child and spousal support, dividing your property, and how to parent your children. If one or more of these things present themselves as contentious issues, you may find that mediation can help you come to a positive solution both you and your spouse can agree on.

Avoiding financial infidelity in Ontario separation and divorce

It's always desirable for couples to maintain an overall "need-to-know" communication policy in their relationship. This would include everything from the start time of the kids' hockey game to money and assets, whether held in Ontario or elsewhere. As a recent Canadian poll suggests, not disclosing one's financial status can lead to relationship mayhem and, by inference, to separation and divorce.

Helping children cope with separation and divorce in Ontario

In times past, the dissolution of a marriage catapulted a couple into the margins of society. Virtually no organizations existed to offer support through the before and after of separation and divorce. Experts in addressing the needs of children were few and far between. Since then, Ontario has become one of the most progressive provinces in offering assistance to divorcing couples and their children.

Avoiding parental alienation in Ontario separation and divorce

One of the reasons a couple might forge ahead through an already shattered marriage is fear of parental alienation. Ontario society is familiar with cases in which an embittered spouse seems to launch a campaign to estrange a child's affection from the other parent. In all that can be said about the challenges of separation and divorce, nothing may be as pernicious as trying to turn a child against a parent.

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