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Collaborative family law the Alt Divorce Way

When Ontario couples decide to end their marriages, most of them are determined to get their divorces over and done in the quickest and most painless possible way -- also with a minimum of antagonism and stressful conflict. Is that even possible? The answer is yes -- collaborative family law allows couples to navigate divorce settlement agreements and move forward with all the bitterness and contention left behind.

However, if you choose this process, you must retain the services of a specially qualified collaborative family lawyer. You can find such lawyers at two professional Ottawa family law corporations that promote settlements and facilitate negotiations the Alt Divorce Way. This is done by utilizing a team approach, allowing each spouse along with the respective lawyers to sit down to negotiate a settlement in a cooperative manner by utilizing a number of impartial participants, which could include financial planners, accountants, appraisers and even therapists. It takes place in safe, neutral surroundings where communication and compromise are encouraged.

You and your spouse, along with the lawyers, must sign a document to commit to out-of-court settlements for all aspects of the divorce. Your lawyer will provide the necessary legal guidance and coaching throughout the process. Furthermore, you will have the option to utilize other professional resources to advise on matters related to children, finances, taxes, real estate and more. With careful guidance of your legal and professional support team, you and your soon-to-be-ex can work through property division issues and deal with parenting plans, spousal support and more.

The collaborative family law process will be complete once both parties are satisfied with the negotiated settlement and one of the lawyers drafts a separation agreement. This will be presented to the court for approval, and once the authorization of the court is obtained, the marriage will officially be over. If you consider this route to bring a peaceful end to your marriage, your questions can be answered by the Ontario lawyers that offer resolutions in the Alt Divorce Way.

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