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Are you properly prepared for the divorce mediation process?

Once you and your partner have made the decision that your marriage is not salvageable, you may be intent on moving forward with the divorce process using mediation. However, you will want to first make sure that you are adequate candidates for mediation, and being screened by a prospective mediator will help to ensure that this non-traditional form of divorce is applicable for your unique situation.

Surviving Divorce's Do's and Don'ts

Going through divorce is surely one of the most difficult experience you will go through in life. The Huffington Post has recently published a very interesting blog entitled "Surviving Divorce: 20 Dos and Don'ts" which we found very interesting (and ho! so very true...). We have highlighted twelve which in our view were the most important ones. We have also added our own annotations, in a snapshot:

Who gets the furkids after divorce?

Many pet owners may be surprised, and even shocked, to learn that animals are considered property in a divorce process in Ontario. In practical terms, that means that married spouses could have to fight over the family pet just like they would fight over who keeps the kitchen table when both spouses want it. Given that the pet is considered property, it is treated like any other asset and is given a value. In a case where both parties want the pet, each spouse would be entitled to 50% of the value of the pet. Unfortunately, we cannot divide a pet like we would divide a joint bank account, nor would it make sense to sell it and divide the profits equally. As such, pet owners must find a reasonable solution and there are various options available.

Separation from a child's perspective

Having experienced my parents' separation at a young age, I know firsthand that a separation or divorce can have far reaching effects on your future as well as the future of your children. When separating, it's important to keep in mind that however you as an adult understand and experience your separation; your children see and experience it differently.

L'importance des émotions lors de la séparation/divorce

Les émotions jouent un rôle très important dans un processus de séparation/divorce. En fait, chaque conjoint vit son deuil amoureux de façon très différente et est rarement à la même place lorsque la relation se termine. Malheureusement, les processus traditionnels en droit de la famille dont entres autres les négociations entre avocats qui servent à régler ces types de dossiers ne prennent habituellement pas les émotions en considération. Conséquemment, ce fait augmente les coûts, le temps et la douleur reliés au règlement de la séparation/divorce.

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