Alt Divorce is the brand under which Nathalie Picard Professional Corporation offers help with divorce and separation in a unique way.. We offer services the " Alt Divorce Way", a process created to promote and facilitate family settlements, which is at the heart of our family law practices.

Our mission is to take care of you in a way that will also ensure the well-being of the other members of your family, more particularly your children. Breakdown in a spousal or common law relationship can be stressful. Separating the Alt Divorce Way will help you get through this difficult time with a plan.

The Alt Divorce Way promotes a multidisciplinary approach to helping you resolve your family matters, whether you choose to mediate or you are forced to pursue your matter before the courts. In all cases, we want you to be in control of the settlement that meets your needs and those of your family. We strive to simplify the process by offering you tools, resources and guidance, both legal and non-legal.