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Family law agreements are legally binding contracts between two individuals who are married, unmarried or separating. At Alt Divorce, our team of professionals offers guidance and resources to help couples determine their rights and responsibilities towards each other.

We draft your family law agreement based on what is important to you but keeping in mind the various elements that are required under the law to make it enforceable. We have assisted a countless number of clients in successfully drafting family law agreements, whether it is a marriage, cohabitation, separation, paternity or surrogacy contract.

Dedicated Team Working On Your Family Law Agreement

Families are multifaceted and require a personalized approach. Drafting an effective family law agreement requires an in-depth understanding of the needs and goals of your family.

Our family professionals do an effective job at asking the questions that address the key elements. It is imperative to obtain all the relevant information about the impact a marriage, relationship or separation may have on your finances, your assets or your business.

Your family law agreement can deal with parenting, spousal and child support and also determine your property rights during and after your relationship breakdown. To be enforceable, your family law agreement must be carefully crafted by a knowledgeable family lawyer.

We can also offer you independent legal advice on a family law agreement drafted by another competent lawyer.

What Can A Marriage Or Cohabitation Agreement Do For You?

A marriage agreement is either made before the marriage ('prenup') or during the marriage, whereas a cohabitation agreement is made between unmarried couples who are living together.

But the purpose of both agreements is to outline your entitlement and obligations towards each other during and after your relationship. Listed below are a few examples that reflect how these contracts can help you and your family:

  • Business assets: You may want to ensure that the end of your relationship does not mean the end of your business
  • Asset brought into the marriage: It is important to confirm the value that each of you brought into the relationship to avoid disputes after separation
  • Matrimonial home: You may not want to be subject to the special rules that apply to a matrimonial home when a separation occurs
  • Inheritance and gifts: You might want to protect monies, gifts and inheritances received from your loved ones
  • Support obligations: You can agree in advance that you will not be required to support your spouse in the event of a separation. Alternatively, you may want to ensure that you will be entitled to financial assistance after separation before putting your career aside for the well-being of your family
  • Financial decisions: understanding how the law works will allow you to make informed decisions throughout your relationship

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